Monday, March 31, 2014

Sarah is 6 Months Old

Six months already?  It seems like just last week we were announcing our pregnancy and now I have a six month old!  At Sarah's six month check-up, she weighed in at 16.9 pounds and was 26.5 inches long.  No wonder her infant carrier is feeling heavy these days.  As predicted, she is rolling all over the place now.  One day she even rolled over to a container of wipes, managed to get it open, and pulled several wipes out before I caught her.  She's doing a much better job eating although we've still only experimented with a couple of veggies.  Now that she's willing to eat solids, I'm ready to amp up her veggie selection then move on to fruits.  She absolutely adores her brother and just smiles and watches him for extended periods of time (and he likes having her attention). 

Sarah - Month 6
She loves her toes now and tries to pull of her socks anytime we put them on her. 

She also loves being in the Moby wrap almost as much as Joseph did.  This is how I do my grocery shopping. 

I have decided that collegiate clothes are the way to go because all I have to do is add a bow to Joseph's old outfits to make it girly. 

I'm going to split the difference and have pictures taken of the kids next month (one month late for Sarah's six months and one month early for Joseph's two years), so you'll have to settle for a couple of pictures I snapped of Sarah at the playground the other day for now. 

From now on, I will make sure that Joseph is dressed for the day before I attempt Sarah's monthly pictures since, for the second time, he decided to join her.  After I placed the fabric on the floor, he laid down on it.  This is him pointing at Sarah and telling me, "Sissy lay."

He was so happy when I put her next to him and took a picture.  I hope they always have a strong bond.

I will gladly settle for being the only person in our family of four to not have dimples. 

And, since we'll be moving on to Sarah's middle name starting next month, here's a collage of her first six pictures. 

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  1. I love your kids.
    And happy to she finally made it to the sidebar! I'll have to tell Emma! LOL! Happy half birthday, Sarah!