Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fourth of July Recap... A Little Late

I just realized that I never posted any pictures from our Fourth of July weekend.  So, here it goes...
On our way down, we realized that Bella might be a little too big for the back part of our vehicle.
Rufus loves car rides!
After the Jason Boland concert Thursday night, all three bands came out for a jam session.  It was awesome!
Since people were arriving throughout the day Friday and we are old and went to the concert Thursday night, we decided to just hang out at Ty's house.  I know it's redneck to sit in a pool while it's filling up with water, but we had a blast. 
Ben got a sunburn on his feet while we were floating the river Saturday, thus he decided to wear socks to the lake on Sunday.  How cool is he!?!?!?
Did you know that when you buy A LOT of food at Wendy's (as in enough for nine adults) they give it to you in shopping bags?
Ty's roomate is a sherrif's deputy.  He has a K9 officer (drug dog) named Boz.  We thought our dogs were well behaved until we spent time with Boz.  For entertainment, some of the guys planted drug smells around the yard and had Boz search for them. 
There you have it, lots of great memories hanging out with friends, but not a single firework.


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