Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Was I Thinking! - Fabric For the Kids' Room

As you already know, we have requested two kids from DHS.  Since they will both be four or less, we will be placing them in a room together for a while regardless of gender.  Because of this, I have been racking my brain trying to decide how to decorate their room that is gender neutral but not baby-ish.  For a while now, I've been wanting to use teal and red as the primary colors and accent in navy or pink accordingly. 

Cute, right?

I've been having a hard time convincing Sam that this is a good color scheme. I'm not sure why he's so against it, but he is (sometimes I wish I had one of those husbands who doesn't care about how the house is decorated; in the end, I'm glad he does).  I decided that he needed to see the colors together to truly appreciate the combo.  Fast forward to the other day when we were driving through down town Tulsa.  I saw a lady wearing a teal shirt with red shorts and immediately pointed her out to Sam.  His response was, "Courtney, look at that lady.  What makes you think that a homeless person is a good example of color choices?"  He was right, it was a homeless person carrying a ton of bags (at least her clothes, cutely matched as they were, were clean).  I decided to let Sam win this one and set out on a mission to choose a new, better color scheme for the kids' room.  So, what did I pick?  We reached an agreement on orange and blue!  I'm so excited to start collecting fabric in these colors in preparation for their room!  Now, if I just knew what size bedding I need to make...

We're not planning on going with a whale theme (although it is cute), I just wanted to show you the colors together.   Sam, you already agreed so no backing out now :)

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  1. Love orange and blue! That's what we did for Mason's room. :)