Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gaudy or Cute? Opinions Please

I spent the afternoon crafting (shocker, right?), and now I need your opinion.  For a while now, I've wanted to make a ruffle butt onesie.  I used the tutorial from Crap I've Made, but decided to use a shiny, sheer ribbon instead of fabric for the ruffles.
I thought it would be cute to take it a step farther and incorporate a "pearl necklace" similar to the one Little Pink Monster made.
Now, this is where I need your opinion.  When I showed my husband, he suggested I add a "turquoise charm" (before you judge, remember we live in good ol' Oklahoma where we tend to wear large jewelry), but now we can't decide if it's gaudy or cute.  I haven't attached the "charm" (made out of fabric and paint) yet, so your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
I think the "turquoise charm" might look better on a white onesie, and maybe one that doesn't have ruffles on the bottom.
Although I have to admit, if we end up with twins, how cute would it be to take them to church in these.


  1. I like it both ways. I think I would like the charm better just a tiny bit smaller, though. I'm not crafty or fashionable, though...:)

  2. I love the ruffle but with out the charm..or maybe move it on the sleeve or something like that?

  3. I love the charm! And, it totally cracks me up that your husband suggested it. But, hey, I'm a lover of big jewelry.

    I also think leaving off the charm and adding another longer set of pearls would look super cute too. I've seen them with bows attached too.

    These are so cute!