Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Some days we're faced with decisions to make.  Sometimes they're easy, sometimes they don't really matter, and sometimes they're difficult.  Today I had an opportunity present itself that I know will never be available again.  My initial reaction was, "Wow, this is awesome!" (well, my real initial reaction was, "Am I qualified for this?"), followed by, "Can I do this?"  I texted Sam to ask his opinion and he quickly called me back with the same thoughts I was having.  Without going into too much detail, the opportunity would have required my attention for the next seven Friday mornings.  The big problem with this is that I don't know when my fertility treatments will be.  I even called our fertility clinic to ask about afternoon appointments (they said blood work has to be in by 9 a.m. to get results that day).  We could manipulate my cycle to where I never have appointments on Fridays, but in reality, these are our final two and a half months of treatment and Sam and I have made an agreement that we are both giving it 100%, whatever it takes.  Ultimately, I turned down the opportunity,  I was afraid that if we don't get pregnant during the next few months I would always wish I had given it my all.  We shall see...

Oh, and as far as the adoption goes, we didn't make the August meeting cut-off.  Our caseworker called yesterday and told me that she had just received the final copies of all of our paperwork and our case is now open so we will be represented at the September 13th meeting!  Please continue to pray that our family grows sooner rather than later. 


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