Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday {Ten} Things I'm Loving Right Now

For today's Tuesday Ten, I decided to share some things I'm loving right now.

1.}  Lemi-Shine Dishwasher Additive ~ If you don't get anything else from this post, try this stuff, it is amazing!  A couple of months ago I was getting frustrated with the amount of residue left on my dishes.  I saw this stuff on a blog and decided to give it a try (at a little over $3 it seemed like a reasonable risk).  As instructed, I first ran the dishwasher with nothing but Lemi-Shine in it.  Now, I'm beyond ecstatic with how my dishes look.  I don't follow the directions completely, I only put a couple of teaspoons in with my normal dishwashing soap (less than they recommend), but the results are still amazing.

2.}  Chosen Necklace ~ As soon as I saw this necklace featured on I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar, I knew that I would be purchasing one for any little girls we might get through the adoption process.  They are available at a website called Cap Creations and $10 from every necklace is donated to help families with adoption expenses.  What a great symbol that they were chosen by God to be a part of our family!

 3.}  Joint Anniversary Gifts ~ This year, Sam and I decided to get a joint anniversary gift.  We've been wanting to get a nice camera for when we get the kids for a while now and I'm psyched we did!  Here are a couple of pictures Sam took with it this weekend (both of which are straight out of the camera).

4.}  Canvas People ~ I came across their website this spring and quickly ordered an 11x14 canvas with a picture from our Christmas card photo shoot.  When I ordered my canvas, they were running a $50 off special allowing me to only pay about $17 for my canvas and shipping.  What I learned is that this sale wasn't a one time thing, they are often having half price or $50 off sales.  I'm itching to order a couple more, but I'm making myself wait until we get the kids.

5.}  Vidalia Onion Vinegarette Salad Dressing ~ This stuff is mmm, mmm good!  Although it is great on salads, I especially love it as a dip for chicken strips.

6.}  Snicker's Ice Cream Bars ~  Mmmmm, we've eaten way too many of these this summer.

7.} Knit Dresses ~  I love how cool they are on hot summer days.

8.} Gotebo Get Down T-Shirts ~ Every year my grandma gets every one in the family a Gotebo Get Down shirt.  I love that they are normally slightly corny (hey, you know me).  In case you are wondering, Gotebo is a small town here in Oklahoma.  Here are the fronts and backs of some of my favorite shirts from years past (yes, I still wear the 2005 shirt often, I love it that much).  The one on the right is this year's shirt that she gave me this weekend.

9.} My Grandma's Miniature Beyonce ~ I can't describe how excited I was to pull up at my grandparent's house and see a little Beyonce in her front yard.  I mean, I was so excited that I jumped out of the car and begged asked my husband to take a picture of me with it so I could immediately text it to Kim! 

10.} Aubrey's Birthday Gift ~ Number ten is a little bit of a tease.  Aubrey's birthday gift came in last week even though we paid for it a month before her birthday (in May).  I'm planning a whole post about how we celebrate Aubrey's special days, so stay tuned. 


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  1. Love the chosen charm necklace...that is so sweet!