Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Much Needed Haircut

Tuesday, when my husband left for work, I looked like this:

When he got home from work I looked like this:

 (No dogs were harmed while taking this picture.  Bella was just trying to keep Rufus away from us.)

It really looks better than this when I fix it.  It looks rough here because I had been cleaning like a mad woman all day. 

This is a bad picture, but it kind of shows you what it looks like when I fix it.

No, Sam didn't know that I was going to cut my hair off, I wasn't even sure I would do it until the first cut.  I've always had shorter hair, but a couple of years ago I decided that I needed longer, ponytail capable hair for when I'm staying home with the kids (Really!  What was I thinking?).  Then, after I started growing it, it became a challenge to see how long I could get it.  Recently, I started thinking about growing it a little longer and donating it, but I got on the Locks of Love website and found out I couldn't donate it due the bleach used in highlighting, so I decided to go ahead and cut it off.  Although I miss my ponytail, it feels so good to have short hair again!

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