Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday {Ten}

 Watch out!  This Tuesday Ten contains a whole lot of randomness.

1.}  We spent the morning at the shooting range Saturday.  I love feeling confident enough with a gun to protect myself if necessary.

2.} Sam was out of town for a bachelor party Saturday night, so this is what I ate for dinner... I ate all of it.  It's frozen yogurt so it's not that bad, right?

3.}  My new go-to wedding gift is personalized pyrex.  I'm thinking I need to make some for me too.

4.}  Lucille came over for a doggie sleep over last weekend.  The dogs all had a great time!

5.}  If you come to our house, I suggest you don't sit or lay on the floor.  Consider yourself warned that we have a huge dog that likes to sit on your lap.
 Amber should really know better, she owns a giant breed dog too.

6.}  My friends' girl, Ava, has come over to visit a few times recently.  I think it's safe to say the dogs will be fine with kids.  Especially Rufus, who loves Ava despite the strangle-hold hugs. 

7.}  Speaking of our dogs, they love riding in the car almost as much as they love going for a walk.  Just ignore Rufus' under bite, he really was happy.

8.}  I just finished reading Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back by Josh Hamilton.  I'm not a big autobiography fan, but this book is so much more than that.  This story of God's grace and forgiveness is definitely worth reading, sports fan or not!

9.}  While driving to Sam's Grandpa's surprise birthday party last night, we encountered this.  It was a storm of epic proportions (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was still scary with 70+ mph straight winds).

 10.}  Before we left Nash to come home, we watched a little bit of the local weather.  It said that a storm had passed through Perry (where the husband works and his car was parked).  This is what we saw when we got to Perry.  The white care is ours, right where it was parked less than 100' from an awning that collapsed due to the winds.

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  1. I love the randomness stuff. Probably as that is what I posted too. Luckily we don't get storms like that in SoCal. Love your dogs. We need a dog. Someday. And I love the personalized Pyrex. We got one for our wedding but I accidentally dropped it. Millions of little pieces it was it became.

  2. I'm all about random! Fun...

    I LOVE the personalized casserole dishes, what a great idea and perfect for taking to potlucks and things where you might forget or get confused who's is who's!!